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The Application

Location:Eugene, OR

Post at least 2 pictures of you, and 2 of your friends:
i dont have a digital camera. sorry.
Your Favorite...( if you tell why that would be appriciated )
bands:Dashboard, because im emo like that. I like sublime because they play so many different styles and rock 'em all. Radiohead, Dispatch, John lee Hooker. All awesome guitarists.
books:A clockwork Orange. Its just great. THe Don Juan series is amazing too.
video game of all time:Psi all the way. crash bandicoot and Spyro. Memories...
movies:Clockwork orange, willi wonka and the chocolate factory, Donnie darko and requiem for a dream
CD of all time:mmm. probabley physical graffiti by led zeppelin. or Stand By your Van by sublime

Things that make you mad:cops
Can you play an instrument:mhm.. guitar, bass and of course, banjo
Do you masterbate?:nope
The worst thing anyone has ever done to you:gotten me kicked outta school.

What do you think about..
The Grateful Dead:good times. crazy hippies
A.F.I.:meh.. not such a big fan
A Perfect Circle: ok i suppose. dont really listen to 'em
Misfits:AWESOME band. love them.
Dead Kennedys:Good times. i dig the lyrics. N*P*F*O* is a sick ass song
Placebo:? a band i presume?
The War in IRAQ:Absolutley ridiculous. we'v done nothing but bomb and trrorize innocent civs. bush is a doofus.
America's BUSH: If he's re-elected, im off to BC. i dont want any part of bush's empire.

Have you done pot( if this is a no i don't know why your here ): um... yea
Whats the funniest thing you have done while under the influence of marijuana:Done too much funny ass shit and puffed way too much to be able to remember...
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