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Linzool Garfunkle.

new gal

Name: Linzy Garcia (Linzool Garfunkle)
Gender: FEMALE<3
Age: 16
Location: detroit MI

Post at least 2 pictures of you, and 2 of your friends:
me and my pothead cat
mark bratsworth and I, ain't he a ham
my BEST friend and my BEST stoner friend - shes a hot rastafarian and i'm her hippie bitch
and this is me and my boyfriend, who yes, as well smokes the ganj
good thing you only asked for 2 pics of friends because those two kids are all i realy chill with.

Your Favorite...( if you tell why that would be appriciated )
bands: Grateful dead (need i say so why??) they've been my favorite since i was just a little one then theres my Janis<3 oh Janis Joplin, her voice gets me hard, everything about her is interesting, shes gorgeous and i've got loads of respect for her. I also listen to fleetwood mac, they remind me of my momma, she raised me on lovin' them. Ani Difranco, that righteous feminist brings out the woman in me. basically i listen to what some would simply lable as "Hippie music" MMMM
books: EVERY blaze book, fuckin great books. "Tell Noone" a sweet suspence book and a teary one as well. "Helter Skelter" oh we all love charlie, right? and "DETOUR: a bipolar road trip" I went to the signing of this book, lizzie simon is an amazing caring and interesting person, could learn alot from her.
video game of all time: crash bandicoot
movies: helter skelter, half baked, but im a cheerleader, Blow, detroit rock city, requiem for a dream, festival express, almost famous, and porn.
CD of all time: definately janis joplin BOX OF PEARLS - every SINGLE song on this cd will literally take you away, now yes my love for grateful dead is extremely high, but best cd of all time goes to janis

Things that make you mad: straightedge kids, thats basically it, i'm a happy type-o-gal
Can you play an instrument: violin
Do you masterbate?: about every day, it's healthy ;]
The worst thing anyone has ever done to you: told my parents i smoke crack

What do you think about..
The Grateful Dead: hah, by now you know, i love them to my death.
A.F.I.: uh, nothing against them, just not my type.
A Perfect Circle: same as afi
Misfits: i use to love the misfits a long time ago, but yes you guessed, just not my type
Dead Kennedys: theyre fuckin sweet i still got love for dk
Placebo: eh, not my type, tatianna loves em though.
America's BUSH: says it itself "BUSH" i think of him, as a big fucking hairy crotch, that needs a fucking change (or in a vaginas case shave and cleaning)

Have you done pot( if this is a no i don't know why your here ): yes'm
Whats the funniest thing you have done while under the influence of marijuana: well, it was the first time i had ever smoked, it was with my dad about 3 or 4 years ago, he smoked and fucking smoked with me i felt retarded, sucks cause i cant get that god damn high anymore, but anyways, i look over at him and start telling him about how when i was little, me and the girl across the street would play house and we'd end up making out and dry humping, i told him i was the guy.


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