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wow..sure are some pretty damn hot stoner-girls in this community..jackpot. =D

The Application




Location:tennessee(no im not for george bush)

only 1 pic :[

< > im the one in the red shirt...thats about 2 years ago.

Your Favorite...
bands:tool, pink floyd, led zeppelin, johnny
cash, between the buried and me, converge, jimi hendrix, corrosion of
conformity, the doors

books:lord of the rings fo sho harry pothead

video game of all time: hmmmm zelda 64 ocarina of time

movies:half-baked when im stoned. led zeppelin dvds when im blazed. :D

CD of all time:jeez..pink floyd-dark side of the moon probably for me

Things that make you mad:george bush and his followers

Can you play an instrument:guitar.

Do you masterbate?:yes >:D

The worst thing anyone has ever done to you: uhh.. ripped me and my friend off. $110 but it was my friends money.. :/

What do you think about..

The Grateful Dead: cant say any thing bad for em.

A.F.I.:old AFI was badass, new AFI is kinda cheesy

A Perfect Circle:good im a big tool fan so i like apc


Dead Kennedys:good

Placebo:listened to a few of their mp3s, not bad. havnt listened to them in forever

The War in IRAQ: wrong PERIOD.

America's BUSH: fuck, dont get me started.

Have you done pot( if this is a no i don't know why your here ):    ....afirmitive

Whats the funniest thing you have done while under the influence of
marijuana:singged the front of my hair off my head a little bit while
bending over to hit a bowl and blow it out my window.

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