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Name: Kayla
Gender: F
Age: 16
Location: Earth

Post at least 2 pictures of you, and 2 of your friends:

Your Favorite...( if you tell why that would be appriciated )
bands: Tool, Acdc.....i love Tool's music and with that lead singer they blow me away.....Acdc is classic...my favorite to jam to
books: I love books by Stephen King....He is a literary genius and isn't afraid to write exactly what he wants
video game of all time: Halo - I love 1rst person shooter games....they're addictive
movies: Cruel Intentions, The Butterfly Effect, The Matrix ---- I shouldn't even have to put why for these great movies
CD of all time: Aenima by Tool.....It is amazing - you'd have to listen to it to understand what i'm saying......

Things that make you mad: Preppy snobs, sluts, and liars
Can you play an instrument: i play guitar
Do you masterbate?: no, when you've been dating the same person for a year and a half, you don't have to
The worst thing anyone has ever done to you: seduced my boyfriend when he was drunk.....but she paid daerly for it

What do you think about..
The Grateful Dead: AWESOME!!
A.F.I.: Coolness
A Perfect Circle: Good but not as good as Tool
Misfits: Keep 'em coming
Dead Kennedys: yup
Placebo: never heard of them
The War in IRAQ: it is stupid....a cover up to steal a country's oil...but that doesn't change the respect that i have for our soldiers that are out there fighting for us....
America's BUSH: I think the name gives away what i think he is...haha

Have you done pot( if this is a no i don't know why your here ): yeah...duh
Whats the funniest thing you have done while under the influence of marijuana: i had a pill that i was planning to take and after i got stoned i put it in a sock and tied it up and totally forgot about it....i didn't find it until the next day when i opened my sock drawer haha.....One time me & my friend were fried and we made up what we like to call the "adam's apple" story. Here it goes: One day, Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden and since Eve is such a dumb blonde, she let a snake talk her into picking an apple off a tree when she knew she wasn't supposed to. Well, Adam got mad and started yelling at her and they got into a huge fist fight. Finally, Eve got pissed off and chucked the apple right at Adam's face. Unfortunately, Adam's mouth was open and the apple got stuck in his throat. That is why every guy now has what is known as an "Adam's Apple"......THE END"..........haha - i'm so dumb

This is me on Halloween :)

Haha - My friend Aubrey...Guess you can tell what she's been doing....lol

This is my friend, Summer. I love her to death.
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