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The Application

Name: Emily
Gender: I am a women…..weeeee
Age: 15
Location: Marietta, Ohio…Oh you already know I suck

Post at least 2 pictures of you, and 2 of your friends:

wee thats me....lookin' all stoned...but..I'm not.

me looking all emo.

and thats me and my "grr I am really tough I can so take you" pose.

Jessi's face, and your the one wearing the hat.

Jessi ((best friend))

Hillary a.k.a YOU. ((best friend))

Your Favorite...( if you tell why that would be appreciated )
bands: Dave Matthews Band- because I love their music and it actually means something to me. Coldplay- because they just rock my argyle socks. I like A perfect Circle, Dashboard Confessional, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Violent Femmes, A.F.I, Yellowcard ((they seem pretty good)) Phantom Planet, Jason Mraz, Ani DiFranco, Blondie…….etc……etc.
Books: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Sinfest, Dune, Sloopy Firsts, Thithe, Bloomability, Hush
video game of all time: All of the Super Mario bros. Games… and Mario 64..yay
movies: Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, Sound of Music, Nightmare before Christmas, Bang Bang your dead, Donnie Darko, Bounce
CD of all time: Rush of blood to the head- by Coldplay
Things that make you mad: Snotty people, Bitchy people, preps, My mom. Hillary when shes stealing my book bag at the library and running around tring to look through it…haha. ((that doesn’t really make me mad its just funny))
Can you play an instrument: I used to play the French horn
Do you masturbate?: Yes, Yes I do.
The worst thing anyone has ever done to you: Tring to steal my own friends from me.
What do you think about..
The Grateful Dead: I <3 the greatful dead…my dad used to make us listen to them in all the time…
A.F.I.: I love them…I have just not to long ago been introduced to them and everything I have heard I liked.
A Perfect Circle: You are the one that started listening to them…and then I started listening to them…I just love them.
Misfits: they are pretty cool.
Dead Kennedys: haha they are really funny.
Placebo: ehhh
The War in IRAQ: I think is completely stupid.
America's BUSH: should be shaved.

Have you done pot( if this is a no i don't know why your here ): Sure as hell I’ve
done pot…I was fucking there the first time you didn’t ((aww)) and I started wayyyy before you did. Sily silly girl.
Whats the funniest thing you have done while under the influence of marijuana: I called someone on the phone and asked for some damn candy bars…. And aslo I fell down a complete flight of steps….and fell asleep at the bottom once I fell.
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