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Name: Natalia Simone
Age: 19
Location: Tallahassee, Fl

Post at least 2 pictures of you, and 2 of your friends:

My Friends: (1st is jessica, 2nd is tim, 3rd is costa)



Your Favorite...( if you tell why that would be appriciated )
bands: the promise ring (because they are pretty), belle and sabastian, radiohead (great high music)
books: the perks of being a wallflower, how to be good, running with scissors, rush limbah is a big fat idiot, catcher in the rye
video game of all time: super mario/duckhunt- nintendo, mario all stars- super nintendo, ecco or x-men -sega, didy kong racing/mario kart- n64, sonic-dreamcast, vice city-ps2, halo2-xbox, tony hawk underground-game cube
movies: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, igby goes down, kill bill 1&2, mary kate and ashley sleep over party, invincible (with billy zane)
CD of all time: weezer- the blue album

Things that make you mad: republicans, cops
Can you play an instrument: i play the kazoo
Do you masterbate?: yeah
The worst thing anyone has ever done to you: spread rumors about me cuz god knows i dont have feelings

What do you think about..
The Grateful Dead: LOVE LOVE LOVE
A.F.I.: excellente
A Perfect Circle: hate
Misfits: ok, my friend brian is filling in for the bassist
Dead Kennedys: not so much
Placebo: LOVE LOVE LOVE (i had tickets but i was too pregnant and too sick for it)
The War in IRAQ: fuck bush
America's BUSH: haha fuck him

Have you done pot( if this is a no i don't know why your here ): you dont really do pot, its not like heroin. you smoke it, im an experienced smoker, ive been smoking for 6 years. ive done things like acid, ecstacy, trolling, more coke than you'll probably ever see, oxycontin.. weed is like breathing, its not like.. drugs to me. its just my favorite thing to do.. its like putting on lipgloss. its just what you do, ya know?
Whats the funniest thing you have done while under the influence of marijuana: pulled into a driveway thinking it was a road and a hiding spot
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